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Naples Homes and Rentals helps investors of all kinds buy and sell income properties.  Each year approximately 15% of Guests leasing luxury rentals buy property.  About 10% of Owners list their property for sale.  Naples Homes and Rentals is SW Florida’s go-to brokerage for these property and investment transactions.

The Rental to Sales Cycle

Many Naples vacation rental guests visit SWFL hoping to find a “forever home.”  During the three-to-four months that most guests rent Naples vacation properties, they tour areas and go to open houses.  The cycle repeats itself each year until the guests find a property to purchase.  Naples Homes and Rentals Sales Associates (aka Agents) help guests in this rental to sales process.

The Investor Sales Cycle – Buying Income Properties

Key to understanding SWFL income property potential is choosing the right property.  It sounds easier than it is.  Naples Homes and Rentals agents help investors purchase properties that will yield the greatest return on their investment.  Here are key selection criteria:
  • Buy a property with NO or LOW HOA fees
  • Limit property selection to those closest to the Gulf of Mexico (“west of 41”)
  • If buying a single family home, it must have a heated pool/spa
  • If buying a single family home, it must be pet-friendly